Nokia Connection

Global mobile communications brand Nokia hosted ‘Nokia Connection’, a major exhibition and conference at Marina Bay Sands for key business associates. Invited delegates – primarily from India and China – included customers, partners, media, bloggers, analysts and staff, with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop on hand to chair the conference. The culmination of the programme was the launch of the Nokia N9, webcasted around the globe.

Inside the venue, Nokia branding was positioned at all key points, with exhibits well lit and generously spaced for easy interaction between delegates and staff. Nokia’s corporate colours of blue and white were cleverly used throughout to aid in wayfinding and information flow. Whimsical mascots such as life size ‘Angry Birds’ circulated through the floor to keep the mood lighthearted and lively. Meanwhile, the conference was broadcast on a wide screen, giving every person in the venue an excellent view of speakers and their presentations.

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Nokia Connection