Ocean Park Jellyfish Exhibit

Ocean Park Hong Kong is an acclaimed educational theme park and the seventh most popular amusement park in the world. Within the 870,000 sq. m. park, located on the coast of Hong Kong Island, is a stand-alone jellyfish house - Sea Jelly Spectacular.

The jellyfish exhibit was designed and built in the form of eight scenes with cylindrical jellyfish tanks, textured floor finish, themed ceiling and illuminated graphics. This space was themed as a "sea atmosphere" to involve and inform visitors and raise awareness of environmental concerns. 

LCD monitors on a black wall, a laser zone and mirrors focus the viewer's attention, helping people to better understand jellyfish and the importance of clean oceans. For children, there is an effective "touch and go" interactive zone to play with jellyfish, which float away when the screen is touched. 

This unique exhibit shows a collection of more than 1,000 sea jellies from over ten distinct species collected worldwide. The challenge for this project was to handle the jellyfish with special care, creating a proper living environment for these fragile creatures which are most difficult to capture and maintain. 

According to the Ocean Park Corporation Annual Report, "Using new interactive technologies, this magnificent attraction is a departure from the normal aquarium experience and was incredibly popular. It helped increase year-to-year attendance by more than 150,000 in its first three weeks of operation."

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Ocean Park
Ocean Park Jellyfish Exhibit
Hong Kong