Philips Shines at the Guangzhou Lighting Show

As a global leader in the lighting industry, Philips is constantly seeking new and pioneering lighting solutions for city, road, office, commercial, industrial and household applications. In particular, Philips’ continuous development and innovation in the field LED lighting technology field aims to change the way people think and feel about the world and the environment. Philips wants people to not only to discover ‘the other side of light’, but also to discover ‘the other side of the environment’ through the magic of light.

At the 2013 Guangzhou Lighting Show, Pico activated Philips’ presence through designing, fabricating and project managing their 600 sq.m. booth. Working closely with the client, much work went into preparing for the show, from pre-planning, carefully choosing and producing the materials all the way to the opening. The planning and coordination stages involved liaising with many stakeholders, including complex discussions with Philips’ engineers and Pico electricians on the control systems for the LED lighting.

In terms of design our teams used transparent cloth for partitions, instead of the traditional wood, which added a mystical, almost supernatural quality to the booth. We also used a new material called Procedes Chenel, a type of paper which is rapidly gaining traction in exhibition decoration - being attractive, environmentally friendly and extremely flexible. D

espite the long lead time, we had only two days to install thousands of LED lamps and lanterns before the show started. Thanks to excellent preparation and communication, this went even more smoothly than anticipated.

The combination of the stunning LED lights, interesting and unusual materials and excellent coordination produced an amazing result for Philips and really brought their slogan to life: ‘See what light can do?’

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Guangzhou Lighting Show