Pico a Driving Force at Auto Shanghai 2013

April 2013 brought the 15th annual Shanghai International Auto Show to the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Pico serviced no less than eight clients at the show, further reinforcing our position as the go-to exhibition company in China, including a number of headline projects.

Infiniti had a big presence at Auto Shanghai, launching the Asian premiere of the Q50 at their 1,588 sq. m. two-storey booth. The booth, one of the first to roll out Infiniti’s new branding strategy and product names, was the largest in the company’s global auto show profile and was built by Pico. Extending our three-year partnership with the brand, the futuristic and environmentally-friendly design gained high praise from the company’s Japanese headquarters.

SAIC Motor Corporation is the largest of China’s ‘big four’ auto companies. Based in Shanghai, this show was highly significant for the company. Fully designed and executed by Pico, SAIC’s 1,960 sq. m. booth showcased the company’s successes as well as its RW Roewe and MG brand concepts and no less than 21 of its latest products.

A new joint venture between BYD Auto and Daimler AG was launched at AutoShanghai: the electric car brand Denza. Pico project-managed the new brand’s booth and press conference, highlighting their highquality, eco-friendly electric cars and promoting their philosophy of alternative fuel vehicles. Completing the unusual project in record time, Denza executives were “deeply impressed” with Pico’s work.

Pico also extended our cooperation with Nissan and Venucia at China’s Grade A auto shows for a fifth year, and fabricated two of the most outstanding booths at Auto Shanghai.

Nissan rolled out their brand new global exhibition kit for the first time in Asia with their 2,321 sq. m. double-deck booth. Launching their new concept car, the Friend-ME, along with several other new models, Nissan successfully created a theatre-style scenario with giant LEDs, an ‘innovation wall’ and multi-level podiums, giving the audience a stunning 360 degree experience. A unique structure called ‘Halo’, which demanded extreme engineering and execution skills to complete, helped the Nissan booth steal the show. Pico’s delivery of their booth helped Nissan win the Best Creative Award at Auto Shanghai.

Right next to Nissan was the booth of rising auto star Venucia. Their 900 sq. m. double-deck booth hosted the global launch of Venucia’s Viwa concept car. Our quality and high level of service once more gained high praise from Nissan and Venucia and have taken these already- strong partnerships to the next level.

Our design, fabrication and project management teams were also kept busy with various projects for Cadillac, Peugeot, Toyota, Giti Tire, GKN and AUNDE ISRI Business Consulting. All in all, Auto Shanghai 2013 was our most successful...until next year, of course!

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Auto Shanghai 2013