Pico Designs Thailand’s First IT Museum

Pico’s themed environment expertise gained us the turnkey contract for Thailand’s first IT museum,  the mission of which is to exhibit the development of communications  technology from the past, present and future.

Involved at all stages of the 9,300 sq. m. project in Pathumthani, Pico was responsible for the concept, design and construction of exhibitions, lighting, graphics, interactive displays, software and audio visual elements.

More than just a series of exhibits, the museum’s mission is to educate audiences about the wise use of technology, and inspire the younger generations to think about the possibilities of how future technology can further improve their quality of life.

The key to this learning is maximising the ‘fun’ elements, in the form of interactive games, activities, and role play; which makes the content simple and easy to understand. The exhibits allow visitors to touch, play, and experience things in unique ways. Pico also used new technology to make older and outdated technology come alive; showing how relevant and functional it was at the time, and explaining the process of how inventors thought or what inspirations they had when they created new technology. 

Budget constraints necessitated that most exhibits used simple but effective computer programs. Importantly, this simple technology makes the management and maintenance of this museum easier.

The entire museum encourages visitors to think like an inventor and will hopefully inspire them to create new technology.  With this concept, not only the museum will never be out-of-date, it will inspire subsequent generations to build on the achievements of their predecessors, while having fun at the same time!

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IT Museum
IT Museum
Pathum Thani