Pico Drives Auto Shanghai 2015

The Sixteenth Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, otherwise known as Auto Shanghai 2015, is the largest automobile trade fair in the world, continuing to grow year after year. This year, this celebration of vehicles, power and prestige occupied the 350,000 sq. m. of space at the cloverleaf-shaped National Exhibition and Convention Centre in Shanghai, attracting 2,000 exhibitors and an impressive 928,000 visitors from around the world.

Pico had a huge presence at this year's show, helping activate 13 stands in total for prominent local and global car brands. We provided design, build and project management work for the SAIC Group, SAIC Motor, Dongnan, Peugeot and Zenvo; design and build service for Toyota; build and project management services for Dongfeng, Nissan and Brilliance; design and production supervision work for Venucia, design work for Mitsubishi, operation management for Ferrari and build and operation management work for Lexus.

For the SAIC Group, the team wanted to create an exciting and positive image for the group to highlight their leading position in China's domestic car market. We agreed on a colossal and unprecedented 7,433 sq. m. presence which involved extraordinary design, first-class production, and comprehensive operations management. Innovative features like the I-pillar, a multimedia information system providing functions like product display, information inquiry and interactive network functions created an entirely new experience for visitors, as did the enormous space.

The theme of Dongfeng's presence this year was "let the cars propel the dream". Their 2,295 sq. m. booth displayed 21 cars, including passenger and new energy vehicles, highlighting the brand's innovative design and technological advancements, as well as the strong research and development, leading technology and social responsibility involved in their production processes. Dongfeng's booth occupied an important location in the hall, while the superb quality and professional craftsmanship involved in the fabrication and the showcasing effects caught visitors' attention.

For SAIC Motor's 1,035 sq. m. stand, we integrated a number of commercial vehicle brands in order to highlight the company's profound market strength. By maximising the use of space through efficient floor planning, we created a powerful showcase for them and at the same time met their many design and fabrication needs.

Our teams gave their all to every brand and every project, and their energy, enthusiasm and creativity burned bright for every minute of the show.

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Pico Drives Auto Shanghai 2015
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