Shanghai Maritime Court’s Historic Showroom

It is extremely rare in China for courts to showcase their heritage and services. The Shanghai Maritime Court, established in 1984, has jurisdiction over marine and maritime disputes. In a nod to the increasing openness of Chinese society, the court commissioned Pico to create a project never before seen in any court in China: a showroom.

Using a modern and minimalist style, Pico developed a storyline and theme - ‘Listen to the Ocean Waves, Sail for Justice’, after which we designed, fabricated and created multimedia and interactive elements for the showroom which was also to be used as a platform to interact with other courts, and as a model for similar figure court projects.

Focusing firmly on content and technology, the highlight was a powerful and touching film showing the role played by the Shanghai Maritime Court in China’s marine history. Other unique elements included using an iPad to centralise the showroom’s control system, digitising VIP’s signatures which are then projected on an acknowledgement screen.

With a combination of traditional show display and technologies, Pico broke the mould for this groundbreaking exhibition, creating a successful and historic showroom for the Court.

“Pico made great efforts in the Maritime Court Showroom project. The quality of construction and innovation is the best… We will recommend Pico to other court project and introduce them to other subsidiaries of the group.” -Mr. Wei Yang, Deputy Judge, Shanghai Maritime Court

“The development and execution of the design is obviously of very high professional standard, and produces a result of unexpect­edly good quality.”-Peter Benz, Professor, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

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Shanghai Maritime Court’s Historic Showroom