Singapore Army Open House

Well-designed events often require much work to be done ‘behind the scenes’. What may on the surface seem to be a comparatively simple event or show has more than likely involved thousands of hours of preparation work in one form or another.

The Singapore Army Open House  held every two years, usually on an army base is organized to showcase the capabilities of the Singapore Army as well as how National Service is a Singaporean way of life. 2012’s ‘Army Open House@Our City’ (AOH@Our City) was a complete reinvention of the long-running military-themed event and was for the first time, not held at an army base, but instead at the Singapore Grand Prix F1 pit building.

Responsible for design, fabrication, multimedia and project management, Pico had to ensure the event looked great and ran smoothly. This was no easy task. Working under and extremely tight schedule, the five-day event was subdivided into seven zones that consists of various exhibitions, displays of military hardware, dynamic shows, activities - both interactive and adventure-based - military land and sea rides and a carnival.

Adding to the complications in setting up the event, the team faced a lot of restrictions regarding the location. Roads in and around the site are part of the F1 race track, and thus needed to be protected from damage. This fact, combined with the large amount of military hardware - including extremely heavy tanks - required above and beyond efforts to keep the track safe.

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Singapore Army Open House
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