Singapore Media Fusion @ one-north

Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) believes that a permanent showcase would be an effective way to promote its presence to the general public. Singapore Media Fusion is a themed structure that illustrates the glamour of working in media as well as what MDA can offer as a partner to corporate organisations.

The experience at Media Fusion is similar to being in a broadcasting studio: visitors are bombarded with information from many different sources at once. The exciting, fast-pace atmosphere of a newsroom is captured through interactive displays that focus upon the different aspects of media such as music and publishing. A customised video sculpture showcases multiple projectors, large monitors and LCD screens, while MDA’s corporate colours of red, grey and white are applied throughout the space to reinforce the brand identity. A 12 metre wide 3D video show incorporates immersive graphics, video effects, new interactive technologies and multi-touch tables to let enhance a visitor’s experience in exploring through MDA’s database. Glass is treated with varying size dots depending on whether transparency or privacy is required while giving spaces a jazzy, contemporary look.

The electric punch of Media Fusion reaffirms MDA’s message that it is a fun, exhilarating place on the cutting edge of the latest developments in media. 

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Singapore Media Fusion @ one-north