Singapore Universities Open House

Singapore is known for its intelligent and highly-educated workforce. Part of this reputation is due to the output of its three top universities: the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the Singapore Management University (SMU). The key to any university’s success is its ability to attract the best and brightest students, and a crucial part of promoting a university is the ‘open house’, a day or series of days where potential students are invited onto the campus and given tours and seminars on various aspects of the school.

Pico’s impressive pedigree of activating and creating an immersive and engaging audience experience made us the natural choice to put on the 2013 open houses for each of these three universities.

National University of Singapore Open House

The objective of the NUS open house was to build awareness of the university and its outstanding reputation amongst future students. Taking place on 16 March and involving the entire outdoor area and three buildings in the new University Town, Pico provided event management, banners, design and fabrication and other set-up services. This was the fifth year Pico was tasked to handle NUS open house. However, a venue change meant that both the design and execution of the event had to be reworked. A site visit involving intricate measurements and change in the displays were just two of the many challenges faced by our team in the run-up to the successful event.

Nanyang Technological University Open House

2013 marked a five year milestone that Pico was called on to activate the NTU open house. This year, the objective was for all departments of the school to showcase their courses and to effectively market NTU. Pico was responsible for design and fabrication , planning of turnkey events, facilitation of hardware and the creation of invitation cards and programme sheets. Featuring a different design concept every year, the 2013 Open House underlying theme was based on geometry. Over 4,000 sq. m. and in four different buildings, circles, stripes and all manner of irregular geometric shapes were used to accentuate and underline the university’s brand.

Singapore Management University Open House

This massive event, held at the university’s outdoor area and on Levels 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6, was both an open house and a recruitment drive for tertiary students. All higher secondary schools across Singapore were invited and each of the University’s six schools gave talks to the visitors. Pico was heavily involved in this event, providing overall planning, design and execution of the open house, booth customization, traffic management and the provision of collaterals. Despite the challenge of tight timelines, long approval process and weather challenges presented by the outdoor component of the event, Pico pulled out all the stops to ensure a triumphant and successful event for SMU.

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Singapore Universities Open House
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