Sociomantic Labs at Performance Marketing Insights

Pico were briefed by Sociomantic Labs to design and create their stand for a Performance Marketing Insights event at Westminster Plaza, London. Instead of a ‘typical’ corporate stand, the client wanted a unique creation, one which was divided into three themed areas: ‘London Underground’, ‘Office’ and ‘Living Room’. Each zone represented a typical place where the company interacts with their customers.

The stand had to be custom built, with the furniture and decorations purchased instead of rented, in order to give it a distinctive and ‘non-corporate’ feel. This was especially important in the Living Room zone, which needed to have a cosy, home-like atmosphere. While the stand gathered very positive reactions from the organisers and neighbouring stands even before it was completed, the best reaction came from the client themselves when they said ‘I love it! It’s perfect!’

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Sociomantic Labs at Performance Marketing Insights