The Development Bureau at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2012

The Hong Kong Flower Show is one of the largest outdoor soft landscape and flower exhibitions in Hong Kong. The 2012 show’s Floral Delights theme proved attractive for over 200 exhibitors from 21 different countries, and most of all for the show’s 560,000 visitors.

The Development Bureau of the Hong Kong Government turned to Pico to design and build their booth for the show. Using the official show flower, the hyacinth, in abundance, the team built a green roof and planters for their lush, 42 sq. m. booth.

The booth was a complex mixture of nature and high-tech. The theme was ‘Greening, Landscape and Tree Management’, and to help educate visitors on tree management issues, an interactive educational game kiosk and display panels were set up within the booth. Being a flower show, a great deal of effort was needed to keep the booth in top condition over the two-week show. Naturally, Pico leveraged all our resources and keep the booth looking fresh and fabulous.

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Hong Kong Flower Show 2012
Hong Kong
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