The National Science and Technology Fair

Thailand’s enormous National Science and Technology Fair is the biggest such event in Asia, attracting more than one million visitors each year. The objectives of the fair are also suitably grand: to inspire young Thais to see the importance of science and technology, encourage them to think scientifically and to learn how to use and manage technology wisely.

As the turnkey company for this mega-project, Pico’s challenge was to design an incredible experience for the audience and deliver the best results for the client. ‘Science+Creativity = Endless Possibilities’ was the resulting theme. Design-wise, every pavilion adhered to the concepts of Engage, Experience and Explore, guaranteeing there was ‘something for everyone’ in every corner of the show.

Most important for all involved was the need to keep everything at the show enjoyable. The key to this was simplicity: simple technology to engage the visitors, simple techniques to help with experiences and simple, clear messaging to inspire visitors to explore more.

This concept of ‘simple innovative’ resulted in excellent feedback from the client and visitors, and proved that Pico can create an event that millions can enjoy and learn from, time and again.

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National Science and Technology Fair
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