The Third China (Hunan) International Mineral and Gem Show

The China (Hunan) Mineral and Gem Show is an important trade show on the local and international mineral and gem industry circuit and one of the few held in the world each year. Taking place for the first time in Chenzhou City at Chenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (CZCEC), where Pico is the venue management company, the show was jointly hosted by the People’s Government of Hunan Province and the Ministry of Land and Resources of the People’s Republic of China. As China’s “Crystal and Mineral Capital”, Chenzhou was the perfect choice of location – the city’s environs are home to 112 types of minerals, with 46 types available to mining companies.

This huge show spanned an exhibition area of 60,000 sq. m. and included a staggering 2,600 international standard stands spread over eight exhibition zones. These included a “dinosaur Danxia” reception zone, boutique mineral crystal zone, fossil and aerolite zone, boutique gem zone, jewellery and gem zone and more.

The organisers wanted to make this an international platform for China to showcase the country’s wealth of minerals and gems and make the most of this historic opportunity to upgrade the city’s image and promote its internationalisation and modernisation. Pico teams were drawn from across the country to provide our top quality venue management solutions.

As one of only a handful of international mineral and gem shows in the world, this event was extremely important to the city, the province and the country. With so many rare gems, minerals and other items on display, security had to be tight. Besides the commercial element, which saw collectors eagerly snap up the rare minerals on display, several museums also exhibited rare national treasures including four bronze animal heads from the Chinese zodiac which were previously taken from the Old Summer Palace in Beijing.

Organisers’ expectations were high and Pico’s teams of experts from Chenzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong and Xian worked tirelessly to ensure every venue management deliverable was of the highest quality. The Chenzhou City government also invested substantial resources into the support of the show including the city’s police force, security department, propaganda network, and public transport system.

Pulling together Pico’s strengths and resources, we delivered first-class venue management solutions to this world-class show and its international audience of exhibitors and national audience of mineral gemstone collectors and industry players. Despite the extremely tight schedule and very short lead time, the team was proud of our collective success at the show, which according to the People’s Government of Chenzhou City, attracted 380,000 visitors and reported sales of over RMB 1.6 billion over its five-day run.

‘Although the show was large in scope, it maintained a high standard… The reputation of the show gained from the local and international participants have strengthened the economic and social development of the city… [We] hereby express our sincere gratitude to the Chenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre for their ardent support of the show.’  ~ The CPC Chenzhou Municipal Committee and Chenzhou People’s Government


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The Third China (Hunan) International Mineral and Gem Show