The War Memorial of Korea

Designing a museum exhibition is an enormous task involving a large number of thematic elements and features that must be carefully balanced. When the main theme of the exhibition involves an extremely delicate and emotive subject, the issue of balance becomes even more important.

When designing the two exhibits for the War Memorial of Korea - The War Memorial itself and a sub-exhibit, “The Provocation from North Korea”, Pico was tasked with creating a solemn, eternal monument to the great pain and hardship the nation of Korea suffered in the past and the sacrifices made by hundreds of thousands of its people.

By illustrating the evolutionary journey of patriots from the time of the three nations,through the Koryeo Dynasty to the Chosun Dynasty, and finally to the present day; the aim was to show the necessity and unifying power of heroic patriotism.

The team’s challenge was to address two meaningful questions: “What should visitors remember about this place?” and “what will these exhibits engrave in their minds?”. Keeping these questions uppermost in their minds, and using few words, but strong images; the team designed a grave, thoughtful place, where losses can be counted,martyrs mourned and the next generation of patriotic heroes inspired.

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The War Memorial of Korea