Vanke Showcases New Dongguan Showroom

Vanke is one of the largest professional housing developers in China. The company has a strong presence in Dongguan, with several local real estate projects currently in various stages of construction. With so many projects on the go, the company decided to build the Vanke Dongguan Showroom to show their customers their large range of products.

As one of the company’s most reliable and trusted partners, Vanke appointed Pico as the official company in charge of the showroom’s construction.

This was no ordinary real estate showroom however. At 2,000 square metres and with multiple independent display areas, the size and complexity of the project required a great deal of coordination, not to mention a number of different elements and materials.

Making use of space and light and using technology to maximize interactivity, and surrounding the entire showroom with lanterns to make it feel like home, the showroom gives a true picture of the breadth and depth of Vanke’s many products.

Pico easily met the three month construction timeline and once again lived up to our client’s high expectations.

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Vanke Dongguan Showroom