We Like to Move it! Relocating the Taipei Pavilion

Building a pavilion for a World Expo is an incredibly time-consuming and demanding endeavour. Dismantling, transporting a pavilion 700 km, and then reassembling it is even more demanding!

The government of Taipei places a high priority on environmental issues, especially recycling. This vision was the driving force behind moving the Taipei Pavilion from the Shanghai Expo 2010 site to its Pavilion of Dreams in Taipei City.

The reconstruction project was incredibly difficult - mostly because the new venue involved a completely different layout from the Expo site. Always up for a challenge, Pico teams managed to recreate - indeed, improve on - the two storey building’s exterior and its exhibits including Theatre of the Future, 101 3D Theatre, interactive gallery and VIP lounge.

Priority was placed on using original materials wherever possible throughout the 1,100 sq. m. building, however some additional structural reinforcement was necessary, as the exhibit will run for two years and the building and exhibits will need to stand up to hundreds of thousands of visitors.

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Relocating the Taipei Pavilion