Yi Jia International 12th Annual Celebration & 2015 Yi Jia International Annual Heroes Awards

Yi Jia International is a global group with diverse interests ranging from cosmetics to jewellery, tourism, high-tech, investment and real estate. Each year, the firm celebrates its anniversary with an equally diverse event that combines banquet and award ceremony with product exhibition and entertainment.

For Yi Jia’s 12th anniversary, it all came with a new twist: as well as marking the culmination of a successful year, the event would be a milestone in the development of a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative.

To make it happen, Yi Jia collaborated with the Pico team, who provided overall event management including programme creation, organising performances, and providing stage props and multimedia content.

Organising the CSR component formed a major part of the three months of preparation behind the event. Pico evaluated possible Hong Kong beneficiary organisations and subsequently worked to define Yi Jia’s CSR engagement and integrate this new element into the anniversary programme itself.

In due course, Yi Jia selected the Ebenezer School and Home for the Visually Impaired as the focus of its CSR commitment, enabling the Pico team to organise pre-event outreach day – visiting the home by Yi Jia senior management and distributors in February 2016. Other long-term planning is in the pipeline which includes providing train-the-trainer sessions for teachers of the School to help them organise ongoing fundraising activities.

Later, at the awards event itself, a four-hour programme included awards to outstanding staff members, a showcase of the firm’s flagship ‘Maione’ skincare brand, multimedia presentations, and live entertainment.

Here too, CSR again took its place in the spotlight: the programme featured both a 30-minute CSR session and a lively stage performance by children from the Ebenezer School – the latter proving one of the highlights of the evening.


Solid planning and organisation ensured that the event had the intended effect of recognising excellent staff performance and celebrating Yi Jia. The addition of a CSR element, however, gave the 2016 anniversary an enduring impact, raising HK$560,000 for a good cause while inaugurating a new era of community engagement that will elevate Yi Jia’s profile and galvanise its employees to ‘go the extra mile’.

Added Remy Wong, Ebenezer School’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer: “We would like to particularly commend [Pico] for your tremendous effort and professional advice, without which the two events would not have been so successful.” Mr. Wong also commented that their students and teachers enjoyed the events, which helped them broaden their life exposure. 

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Yi Jia International 12th Annual Celebration & 2015 Yi Jia International Annual Heroes Awards
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