Malaysia and Qatar Pavilions at Zaragoza Expo 2008

    Expo Zaragoza 2008 recently bestowed upon its visitors an unforgettable experience themed around ‘Water and Sustainable Development’. With Malaysia’s green credentials very much in the international spotlight, Pico explored three concepts for this innovative Expo in the form of mangroves, natural and man-made wetlands, and Putrajaya – City in the Garden.

    Our intriguing facade described the soil of the wetlands, its vegetation and even its water in an iconic manner, while visitors entering the pavilion – via a glass tunnel with water droplets drizzling on a glass roof – proceeded into a sectional slice of the replicated mangrove ecosystem. Interactive areas such as the Fireflies Zone stimulated the senses and included a cross-section of the Tasik Bera freshwater wetlands from the river to the lowland forest. Meanwhile, a large format projection technique was employed in the Putrajaya area to suggest the enormity of this national development.
    For the Qatar Pavilion – the exterior façade of which featured sweeping sand dunes and a city nightscape linking past and future with flying falcons – we were assigned to project manage, design, fabricate, and employ special audiovisual effects. The special interior features portrayed Qatar as a dynamic, upcoming region of the world – while highlights included a traditional well with moving water lighting effects and a large illuminated map of Qatar. One area of the striking pavilion was dedicated to the developments of the oil and gas industry; another featured a ‘Nature’s Wisdom’ zone complete with touch-screens and multimedia presentations. Replicas of the Old Market (Sauk Wade), boat manufacture, and timeless Bedouin tents completed this bird’s eye view of a fascinating – and sustainable – culture. Qatar pavilion was rated as one of the top 10 stand at Expo Zaragoza 2008.

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