McDonald's Restaurant

As the largest fast food company in the world, McDonald’s was introduced to China in 1990 and has since experienced enormous growth. Today there are around 750 McDonald’s restaurants with many more expected to open every month.

Albert Smith Group has partnered McDonald’s throughout the Asia Pacific region for nearly 20 years. Since its establishment in 1995, Albert Smith China has produced thousands of McDonald’s signs and delivered them to hundreds of McDonald’s stores across China.

Being the market leader in the fast food industry, McDonald’s has once again outperformed other restaurants with their latest Dessert Kiosk project. The McDonald’s Kiosk has come a long way since the original concept was born. This has been achieved through rigorous field trialing, in-depth analysis, design development and substantial financial investment by McDonald’s. The first Kiosk was developed and manufactured entirely in our Shanghai premises, and it was shipped and installed within the required 12-hour site access period. The Kiosk has evolved into a very effective product that McDonald’s are now implementing extensively throughout China.

Moreover, with the continuing desire to strengthen their brand, McDonald’s has launched a new look for their Drive Thru Stores. The general upgrade both internally and externally is enhancing the architectural character and in turn the feel of the McDonald’s experience, whilst maintaining the main icons such as the much loved Golden Arches.

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