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Jaguar Land Rover Evoque Seesaw Display

The Idea Take a fundamental childhood experience – the seesaw – and transform it into a world record challenge for a global car brand. The Story Deep down, we are all children at heart. We love to play and have fun, and we really love a thrilling – and dangerous! – spectacle. So when Jaguar Land Rover asked us to develop a show-stopping campaign to drive online voting for their new Evoque Convertible and Hardtop brands, well, we couldn’t resist. Our client wanted to ensure that the vehicle kept its cool and unique image and gained ground on the competition. The client turned to Pico, seeking an unconventional campaign that would dazzle, shine and create brand appeal for both the Evoque Hardtop and Convertible. The team went back in time to our childhoods, thinking long and hard about all the fun things we did. Lots of thoughts and emotions bubbled up through our minds – how much pleasure it gave us to be around cool cars, the excitement of exciting and daring feats, the joy of playground equipment like slides, rocking horses and seesaws. What about…a seesaw for cars. A record-breaking one! And we were off! We spent two months working with structural engineers designing the longest vehicle seesaw the world had ever seen. Located against a dynamic urban backdrop, in Shanghai Expo Celebration Square, suspended 45 feet off the ground and a mighty 82 feet long, the seesaw balanced the Jaguar Land Rover Evoque Convertible on one side and the Evoque Hardtop on the other. The campaign integrated both Above-The-Line(ATL) and Below-The-Line (BTL) elements in the unprecedented five-week long campaign. The client proposed popularising the event through a live vote on Sina Weibo. Pico team responded by setting up a unique voting system which saw the results of the vote broadcast live on an LED screen at the top of the seesaw – the seesaw actually moved according to which car got more votes! Meanwhile, the event was also advertised through a variety of different formats around the venue – road flags, light boxes in parking areas and an outdoor backdrop ad beginning one week before the event. After careful preparation and several last-minute adjustments to take the rain into account, it was time for the fun. When the online votes started coming in, the cars rocked back and forth in the sky thanks to the pure skill of two professional driving instructors, using no hydraulic pressure at all. Guinness Book of World Records While the Evoque Hardtop eventually ‘won’ the poll with 16,789 votes; everyone was a winner when the official representative from the Guinness Book of World Records announced that we had broken the world record for the longest vehicle seesaw at 25.077m (82 feet 3 inches). It was only appropriate to cap off the evening with a victory lap for the Evoque Hardtop through the seesaw and onto the stage, and with a final stunning fireworks display. What a fantastic time! The Numbers Audience: around 30,000 on site, Online engagement stats: -23,107,000 viewed the live stream - Total view figures on the brand’s Weibo channel was double the previous view record of the Evoque campaign and 3.3 times higher than the average page view number of the platform. The Reaction The challenging launch campaign showed the constant pursuit of innovation of Land Rover and the unique lifestyle of the Evoque. We are honoured and proud to have broken the Guinness World Record for the longest vehicle seesaw. -Mr Mark Hall, ‎Executive Vice President of Integrated Marketing Sales and Service (IMSS) [IMSS was jointly established by Jaguar Land Rover China and Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Co., Ltd.] This was a challenging, innovative and interesting project. There were demanding controls on both the production of the on-site facilities and the operation of the seesaw.  - Official representative of Guinness World Records

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2016 FIA Formula E HKT Hong Kong ePrix

The FIA Formula E Championship is the world’s first fully electric racing series. Formula E began in 2014 and has been taking the world by storm ever since, driving the future with its fusion of motorsport and entertainment. The third Formula E season began in Hong Kong earlier this month with the first-ever HKT Hong Kong ePrix. This was not only the first time an international event if this size and scale had been held on the unique, dynamic Central harbour front, it was also the biggest motorsport event ever held in Hong Kong. Pico provided full-fledged master project and event management services for the entire exciting spectacle. Our services covered all liaison and co-ordination work with the project stakeholders, including government authorities, police and fire departments, landlords and building representatives. We also provided the overall track infrastructure and facilities, pit lanes, race control rooms and corporate suites, turning a portion of the Central road network – ordinarily crowded with cars, taxis, buses and people – into a fast but secure two-kilometre urban circuit featuring long straightaways and hairpin bends, with concrete blocks and debris fences laid carefully by the roadside as a safety buffer. Our dedicated teams also played a significant role in the project management of all hospitality facilities, e-villages, grandstands and media centres, delivering the all-around excellence such a high-profile event deserved.

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LTA Our Bus Journey

The big news in 2016 for the Land Transport Authority (LTA) was its introduction of a new government contracting bus model. A milestone change in public bus transport in Singapore, the new model aims to improve everything from service reliability to waiting times and passenger comfort. To get the public on board for the ride, an educational and entertaining bus carnival was to be held at three locations in the city during March and April, accompanied by a series of engagement campaigns. The Pico team’s role extended from managing strategy and media platforms to determining digital buys, designing and creating event programmes and physical components, and providing event management. Consolidating all these areas under a single team enabled a true ‘360-degree’, through-the-line, multiple-platform campaign to be developed and executed as a single holistic entity. The thrust of Pico’s campaign strategy was to promote the rich history of bus transport in Singapore and emphasise its important continuing role. The campaign’s strong seam of informational content would be available on multiple platforms to ensure engagement of a diverse audience. Facebook was just one of these channels – and a useful one, as it created and disseminated new content simultaneously. People were invited to use the platform to recount their own bus experiences while engaging with the campaign. Similarly, an Instagram contest encouraged participants to snap a photo representing what buses meant to them, and upload their posts with the tags #LTAsg and #SGBusGram. Also produced by the team was ‘Journey’, an evocative campaign video. Rather than focusing on buses, ‘Journey’ gave viewers a touching love story in which Singapore’s buses played an important role. Audiences could witness how Singapore’s buses have evolved from the cramped, shaky rides of yesterday to the comfortable air-conditioned vehicles enjoyed by passengers today. The ‘Bus Carnival’ itself evolved as the campaign’s core engaging element, offering an array of family-oriented fun and games that offered a fascinating experience of the past, present and future of Singapore’s bus system. Highlights included a vintage 1960s bus on display, origami ticket-folding, a bus-driving simulator, and exciting glimpses of tomorrow’s bus transport system. As well as managing the portion of campaign content provided by external sources, the Pico team also acted as the chief driver of the campaign’s vital digital strategy, and made substantial contributions to video scripts and filming. Aspects of the ‘Bus Carnival’ presented their own challenges, especially when it came to transporting mock-up buses of larger-than-standard dimensions between the three venues. As well as careful driving, this required the coordinated assent of multiple authorities including the Singapore Land Authority, Singapore Tourism Board, Urban Redevelopment Agency and the Public Utilities Board.   The results  Participation in the campaign exceeded expectations: visitors to the ‘Bus Carnival’ totaled 142,000. Even more overwhelming was the response to the social media components. The Instagram photo contests received more than a thousand entries, while increasing the LTA’s Instagram following by 50%. The LTA’s Facebook site saw a 10% increase in fans, and its Twitter feed gained 20% more followers. Finally, the campaign video ‘Journey’ achieved more than 2.4 million views, 36,000 likes, and 26,000 shares. 

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HSBC Rugby Sevens Singapore

In April 2015, Singapore announced that for the next four years, it would join Vancouver, Sydney, Cape Town and Paris as a host city for the 10-leg HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series. Held at the city’s iconic National Stadium at Singapore Sports Hub on 16-17 April 2016, the first ‘Singapore Sevens’ was a world-class sporting event – an opportunity to showcase an amazing city and its facilities to rugby fans from around the world. Pico were involved in two distinct capacities: as the event manager, assisting with the conceptualisation of the outdoor fun zone areas; and in fabricating the event’s VIP hospitality suites and interactive zones. The common thread running through both activations was the task of ‘bringing Rugby to the public’ by creating engagement with various activities. The Rugby Challenge Zone Off the field, the outdoor fun zone was a definite highlight of the weekend. Called the Rugby Challenge Zone, fans had the chance to pass a rugby ball like a pro, dress up and become a rugby superhero, or take fun photos with family and friends at the photo booth. Also created were several ‘challenge stations’. Like the other attractions of the Challenge Zone, these were devised by Pico in cooperation with Rugby Singapore to introduce young players to the sport while still being appealing to adult fans. Venue decoration & logistics Leveraging its strong experience with international sporting events, the Pico team provided venue decoration and temporary overlay solutions for all the outdoor activity areas. Inside the stadium, Pico was responsible for providing logistics and venue decoration services. The logistics were particularly complicated for the Singapore Sevens: with 27,000 attendees and 16 international teams competing in fast-paced 15-minute games, timing was everything. The team’s experience and ability to deliver ensured that the players, officials and fans all enjoyed a smooth and comfortable transition from game to game. Hospitality suites Pico’s design effort to create hospitality suites at the venue necessitated several drafts as it evolved to satisfy diverse stakeholders as well as fire and safety regulations. Fabricated as well as designed by the team, the delivered spaces proved the ideal environment for VIP rugby fans – welcoming, comfortable, and close to the action on the field. Comments Angela Zhang, Marketing and Communications Manager at Rugby Singapore Pte Ltd. relates, “The World Sevens Series was a resounding success for its first year back to Singapore and Pico played a big part in realising the dream with us! We received numerous compliments from stakeholders, sponsors and attendees. The team worked well within the constraints to prepare the stadium to host 16 international teams for the event. It was a massive challenge in terms of logistics and set up and they delivered. Thank you, Pico for a job well done and we look forward to bring the event to greater heights next year!”


i Light Marina Bay 2016

Established in 2010, i Light Marina Bay was conceptualised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) both as a ‘place-making’ event for the Marina Bay precinct, and as a powerful reminder of how everyone can help conserve resources for a better future. Today, it is a true ‘signature event’ with an international appeal, encompassing stunning light art installations and a varied line-up of programming that engages and educates in equal measure. Themed ‘In Praise of Shadows’, the 2016 edition - which also marked the festival’s transition from a biennial to an annual event - aimed to push boundaries even further. The event included a campaign to encourage partners from Marina Bay area and beyond to switch off non-essential lighting and turn down air-conditioning for the duration of the event. It also allowed lighting industry partners such as Philips, Osram and Martin Professional to showcase their technologies through co-created artworks. Equally important, the 2016 edition was to engage the public with more activities, a wider variety of light installations made using energy-saving technologies and recyclable products by local and international artists, and a greater integration of festival activities with attractions at Marina Bay. The Pico team worked closely with URA, playing a pivotal role in organising and executing the event, providing full event management services – from conceptual support and artist management, to sponsorship solicitation and activation, and marketing and PR. Before moving in, the team worked behind the scenes to acquire several official permits needed to stage the event. Pico’s good working relationship with festival partners enabled all the application information to be efficiently gathered and consolidated. The Pico team responded with a well-timed manpower ‘surge’ to ensure the smooth set-up of the event’s 25 light installations while strictly enforcing Workforce Safety and Health guidelines. Maintenance of the installations – which were subject to the wear-and-tear of exposure to the elements and intense human traffic – was carried out continuously over the duration of the festival. Awareness of public safety was of equal importance, given the project’s location at the heart of Singapore’s busy financial district. Setup had to be executed within tight timeframes while foot and road traffic was lightest, leaving little room for error. Close management supervision was key to ensuring that deadlines were met without compromising quality or safety best practices. The same was true for the post-event ‘teardown’ period, which had to be accomplished within a minimum timeframe, with minimum defects, while ensuring public and worker safety. The visual signature of i Light Marina Bay comprised 25 innovative sustainable lighting installations designed by artists from Singapore and around the world, including Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Israel, Norway and the USA. Fourteen installations were created by local artists and students, underscoring the emphasis on local participation for the 2016 edition. The large number of installations and parties involved meant that the Pico team had to be highly coordinated and efficient to complete them all during the week the international artists were in Singapore. Complementing i Light Marina Bay’s fusion of urban space and illuminative art were performances and several outdoor dining options. Another notable aspect of the programme was ‘Switch Off, Turn Up’, a sequel to a similar energy saving campaign which attracted the participation of 52 buildings during the previous festival. For the 2016 edition, 73 buildings – 40 per cent more – committed to the campaign. Building on these successes, subsequent editions of i Light Marina Bay will be held annually rather than biennially. Jason Chen, Director for Place Management, URA, commented: “The festival has gained a strong following… Holding it annually at Marina Bay will allow more people to enjoy the light art installations, and more importantly, to heed our message about sustainability.” The key message of this festival aims to remind us that everyone can play their part to conserve resources for our greater future.   ROI/Results i Light Marina Bay 2016 met or exceeded organiser expectations: - More than 700,000 visitors - Generated over S$20 million in PR value - Generated over S$2 million in international media (AVE) value - Attracting high-profile corporate sponsors including Marina Bay Sands, Tudor, The Fullerton Heritage, Häagen-Dazs and OUE

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Singapore Air Force Museum

The Singapore Air Force Museum is a physical embodiment of the history, heritage and values of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). Since it opened in 1988, the museum has grown from strength to strength. Today, it stands in a new compound and creatively combines original artefacts and interactive media, providing an engaging hands-on experience that brings the RSAF story to life for people of all ages. Pico was heavily involved with the latest revamp of the museum, which took place over two years – from late 2013 to late 2015. Delivering design, fabrication, AV and project management services, our teams worked to create ‘edutaining’ exhibits and spaces that would show the public how the RSAF operates and showcase their latest 3G network operations, raising awareness about both the responsibilities and the cutting-edge technologies of the RSAF. The primary aim of the museum’s refit was to inspire members of the young generation and make them to want to protect their nation. We approached this goal in a number of ways – by installing a full-scale replica of a fighter plane cockpit; creating multi-layer strategy games within the museum to ensure visitors are consistently interested and engaged; by creating a more futuristic, cutting-edge look for the entire space; and by focusing firmly on technology to keep the attention of the younger visitors. Developing content was a tricky task, as all information from the Air Force is necessarily highly classified. Our staff needed to filter data and work closely with various RSAF departments to ensure all exhibits were appropriate yet still interesting to the public. The team also created a special three-minute video to be screened in the museum. This required several rounds of discussion with Air Force pilots to ensure that our animation and simulations were 100 per cent accurate and depicted genuine ‘real life’ flying situations. The RSAF was extremely appreciative of our hard work, so much so that the RSAF Chief of Staff awarded each member of the team with a medal and a certificate – making us, briefly, Air Force heroes.

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SG Heart Map

The SG Heart Map was a uniquely creative project conceived as part of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. The idea was born from a simple premise – that ‘home is where the heart is’. Moving this theme forward, the project team turned to the community to weave together their memorable past places, meaningful present places and aspirations for future places into the first-ever map of the ‘top 50’ places with special meaning for the people of Singapore. The ultimate aim of the SG Heart Map was to bring the community closer together in celebration of 50 years of Singapore. Pico was asked to execute brand activation services for this ambitious project, including consultancy, events management, project management, operations and logistics management, marketing materials management as well as supply, production and fabrication of the numerous SG Heart Map elements; all culminating in bringing to the public engaging, meaningful and larger-than life exhibits, celebrations and interactions. The initiative was a multi-government agency SG50 signature programme led by the Housing & Development Board. Not only was this the first-ever crowd-sourced map of the nation’s ‘heart’ and special moments, the Heart Map was also one of the first and highest-profile SG50 events for the public, not to mention one of the longest in duration – beginning in November 2014 and spanning the entirety of 2015. Pico was an integral part of the crack team of experts who embarked on this large-scale project, providing one-stop shop project management services which harnessed the true essence of Total Brand Activation. The team’s initial focus was to answer a wide range of fundamental and fascinating questions, such as ‘How do we make the project meaningful?’, ‘How do we achieve an emotional connection with Singaporeans?’, ‘How do we involve and reach out and engage the larger community?’, ‘How do we engage across generations – from the tech savvy young to the pioneer generation with all their memories?’ and many others. After answering these questions, the team then had to bring these memories and feelings together. This required a great deal of hard work and detailed operations planning, as we worked to engage the public, collect their ideas and memories and then make these come alive in a myriad of different ways. One of the most memorable of the many events was the ‘SG Heart Map Festival @ Float’ event, held on the Marina Bay Floating Platform. Pico curated, conceptualised and designed the lighting, pyrotechnics and projection mapping shows and the outdoor giant inflatable exhibits and other displays; and choreographed and managed 3,000 community members in a light wave formation. The event kicked off with an incredible pyrotechnic and light musical show, while daily features included internal and external projections in a dome, nightly movie screenings as well as laser and light shows. And how could we forget the nightly feasts along our very own food street or the giant 6,600 sq. m. canvas map of Singapore? Of the numerous challenges the team experienced, one of the most significant was finding ways to efficiently manage the public response and engagement while crowd-sourcing the Heart Map stories. A great deal of effort was required to obtain quality responses that were honest and true to the hearts of the local residents; for it was vitally important to encourage Singaporeans to share their heartfelt stories. The team expended a lot of time and energy training the surveyors to ensure that they interviewed people from all walks of life, in order that no memorable snippets from anyone were missed. Thanks to our superior training and management, 85,000 contributions were successfully received. Throughout the execution of each of the community events, there were also challenges involved in the ways to craft and incorporate the concepts for each activity – like the ‘Red Dot Race’ and the ‘Festival Walk’, which were required to be ‘uniquely Singapore’ yet interesting to the public at the same time. Balancing these two elements was often challenging and required much close liaison with the Housing & Development Board and its appointed Master Concept Consultant to reach a solution. Weather was in fact the biggest challenge we faced for the event on the Floating Platform. As November was a particularly wet month, we were constantly beset by downpours throughout the 12 days of the set-up, and windy conditions affected the installation of the giant inflatables. Again our team’s high-class management and communication skills kept the workflow going as we flexibly yet efficiently adjusted the schedule, eventually outwitting Mother Nature and delivering the set-up on time. Results The SG Heart Map celebrations received tremendous response across the country and were an unqualified success in every way. The first launch event attracted over 14,000 visitors and gathered more than 6,000 contributions over three days. The team eventually roved to over 300 locations island-wide and reached out to 200,000 people within six months to crowd-source stories on endearing places. Under the direction of HDB, the publicity and communications campaign carried out by our partner, Tate Anzur, sustained the enthusiasm throughout the year and attracted impressive media coverage, including 200 media articles with prominent front page placements, amassing a PR value close to SGD11 million over seven months. The total Facebook reach of the campaign over six months was close to 437,000, including 150 social influencers. 135,000 visitors also joined us to celebrate and create new moments on the Floating Platform, while 10,000 Singaporeans went on guided SG Heart Map tours across the island to rediscover their city.


The Future of Us

The Future of Us exhibition was a one-of-a-kind immersive, multi-sensory experiential exhibition which offered a glimpse into how Singaporeans could live, work, play, care and learn in the future. Rounding off a year-long series of SG50 celebrations, the exhibition called on Singaporeans to share their hopes and dreams for themselves, their families and the nation, and encouraged them to participate in steering Singapore safely into the future. Pico was involved in this inspirational project from start to finish, participating first in content development and the design process and then proceeding to create and materialise the experience through fabrication, multimedia and operations services. Running for 97 days between December 2015 and March 2016, The Future of Us was set up in the green heart of Singapore, at the Gardens by the Bay. The exhibition pavilion was made up of four massive domes that transported visitors into the year 2030 through an amazing ‘showcase of possibilities’, realised through innovative exhibition techniques like a giant 360-degree dome projection, 270-degree wraparound LED show walls with projection model mapping, holograms, transparent screen technology and many others. Pico’s primary task was to create an integrated multi-sensory environment that was inspiring, memorable and impactful. The overall design of the exhibition needed to convey a clear and compelling story, and be presented in a refreshing, creative way. We succeeded in meeting these objective on so many levels. This was an exceptionally ambitious undertaking which involved input from 15,000 Singaporeans aged between 4 and 90 and coming from all walks of life. After months of work conducting and curating their input, the five main experiences of The Future of Us were devised. The first was seven minute, 360-degree dome video created and narrated specially for the event and combining live actors with an entirely computer-generated environment. The second experience was a photo-realistic immersive video depicting what it might be like to live in the future, broadcast on a vast 25m x 3m LED screen stretching around a large room, at the centre of which lay a future master plan of Singapore video-mapped onto a special model table. The third experience was an imaginative journey into a futuristic Singapore, giving the visitor a fascinating walk through and peek into ‘the windows of our future’, to see how Singaporeans might live, work, play and care in the year 2030. The fourth experience involved reaching out to each visitor through a high-tech ‘wishing well’ which collected and collated the wishes of the visitors, while the fifth and final experience saw visitors playing together to power their dreams. The storyline and flow of information presented in the Future of Us Pavilion was critical to engaging visitors. Pico harnessed the power of cutting-edge audio visual presentations, interactive installations, videos, visuals, infographics, simulations, illustrations, charts and graphs to distil and present complex information; ensuring that every concept was easily understood and not too ‘text-heavy’. In terms of the structure, the pavilion’s striking mosaic-like façade design, made of over 11,000 unique lattice panels, left a lasting impression on visitors and its attractive, modern and iconic design became a talking – and photo – point throughout the duration of the exhibition. The preparation and hard work of the Pico team and our partners resulted in massive exposure and success for The Future of Us. Visitor numbers were extremely impressive – over 4,000 visitors arrived on the first day alone and a total of close to 400,000 visitors over the 97 days. The exhibition’s Facebook page attracted 36,000 ‘likes’, while Channel News Asia aired a 30-minute documentary called ‘Creating The Future of Us’, which heavily featured the Pico Singapore team.  “It has been my absolute honour to serve with what I think has to be the crème de la crème, the Justice League of Pico at the top of your game. An impossible project when we started with barely just over 9 months in CNY 2015 and then running a full-fledged ops from 1 Dec became not only possible but enjoyable on many many occasions. Thank you for bearing with us and our demands and constantly responding with so much lightning speed and flexibility.” - Gene Tan, Creative Director, The Future of Us, Centre for Liveable Cities, Ministry of National Development Video: Courtesy of Singapore Future Exhibition Project Office & Ministry of Communications and Information


A Visit to the Valley of the Deer

Glenfiddich, the world’s most awarded and best-selling Scotch whisky, has a global reputation for excellence. For a recent VIP appreciation event in Kuala Lumpur, the brand decided to use Pico’s talents to design, build, manage and bring an incredible experience to life for the participants. With a growing demand for quality single malts and the prevalence of increasingly sophisticated whisky palates among consumers in Malaysia, the country is an important market for Glenfiddich. To address this emerging market, the brand decided to totally immerse its guests and genuinely make them feel as though they had been instantly transported to the brand’s Dufftown distillery in the Scottish Highlands, where they would experience an ‘average working day’ at the distillery. Thus began the Valley of the Deer project, named after the English translation of the Gaelic word Glenfiddich. The brand wished to accomplish several goals through this event: first, to create an educational opportunity where whisky lovers could develop a thorough understanding of the rare skills that go into creating single malt Scotch whisky, and Glenfiddich in particular. Second, to recruit more business by winning over receptive consumers; and finally to strengthen channel penetration, expand their distribution footprint and ultimately increase sales. To create an experience worthy of these goals, the food, setting, atmosphere and activities all had to convey the essence of Speyside – the area in the Scottish Highlands where Glenfiddich is distilled – with elegance and refined class. From beginning to end, the team needed to create a fully immersive experience; doing so through intensive attention to detail and a keen understanding of guests’ perspectives. In all aspects of this event, which included pre-event invitations and promotions, Pico had to weave and intertwine creative and novel ideas with the classic premium image of Glenfiddich. At the venue, the team decided to execute this careful blend of image and ideas by incorporating new interactive touch-based technology into both the interactive journey and more traditional activities like whisky tasting and a distillery tour. The moment guests entered the Carcosa Seri Negara colonial mansions in Kuala Lumpur, they were seamlessly transported to Scotland and into a world of luxury and opulence. Each guest was given a beautiful event passport containing brand information and Glenfiddich metal coins to purchase their drinks for the night. The entrance tunnel was panelled with plasma screens depicting Glenfiddich’s history and journey to becoming the renown brand it is today. Premier materials were carefully selected for the fabrication and installation of the sets, located over 3,000 sq. m., while cutting-edge touch screen technology combined with life-size machinery created realistic, engaging presentations and added a refreshing modern twist to the refined class of the event. Guests were introduced to the equipment involved in the distillation process and witnessed the art of ‘coopering’ the barrels used to age the whisky. Guests could order their whisky from a touchscreen bar menu, which displayed more information about their choice. The entire table top was made of interactive MultiTaction technology, which identified individual patron’s drinks placed on its surface. Details of the drink along with the brand’s premium credentials were then displayed, while a mobile app complemented and completed the tour experience. The Pico team worked with top-quality chef consultant Tim Ross-Watson ­to create the themed cuisine for the event which was – naturally – paired with the finest Glenfiddich whisky. In the beautifully-appointed dining room, seamless plasma screens created the perfect illusion of dining in the Scottish countryside. Fringe activities included golf, bottle engraving and calligraphy, and a showcase of rare bottlings. All these elements combined perfectly to showcase to guests the magic that goes into creating ‘the best dram in the valley’. Our above and beyond efforts were deemed worthy of not one but two Gold awards at the Marketing Event Awards 2015 ­– Best Event Ambience (Consumer) and Best Event Production. Cheers!

Kuala Lumpur

Sentosa Visitor Arrival Centre

Sentosa Island is a resort destination located in southern Singapore. While it has historically been a ‘sun and sand’ hotspot for city residents, in recent years it has seen a flurry of new developments including luxury hotels, an integrated resort, a theme park and high-end restaurants and bars. As the island’s offerings became more international in scope and attracted a wider market to Singapore, Sentosa Leisure Group felt there was a need for a dedicated visitors’ centre to assist people with making the most of their trip. In fact, the Sentosa Visitor Arrival Centre is not just the first stop for information on the island; it also contains a box office for Resorts World Sentosa’s extensive programme of shows and events, as well as a selection of souvenirs and gifts in its colourful retail shop. Fun, vibrancy, friendliness and tropical relaxation are all aspects of Sentosa’s brand personality expressed through the Centre’s interior design. Curves and horizontal stripes in hues such as ocean blue, earth and sand allude to the island’s natural elements of sun, sky and sea. A highlight of the centre is a seven metre high, three metre wide cylindrical LED feature wall custom-designed for the site and flown into Singapore. The centre fosters a sense of escapism in an atmosphere where recreational pursuits are virtually unlimited – from lazing on the beach to exploring tropical forests, discovering cultural heritage, and enjoying fine dining or golf.

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