Wuxi Sensing China Windows Exhibition Hall

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fascinating concept. Imagine if every object around you had an identification tag. Now imagine that those tags are broadcasting information to a computer, which is tracking how those objects are used. People could keep track of the usage of these objects, and monitor any number of parameters, leading to huge reductions in waste and loss and costs.

In Wuxi, China, the ‘Sensing China’ project began in June, 2010. Initiated by 60 companies and backed by the China Research and Development Centre for the Internet of Things, the project aims to promote innovation and common development in the growing IoT Industry. 

Wuxi Sensing China Windows Investment and Development Co. Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise which manufactures windows which use Wireless Sensory Network (WSN) technology. Through the effective exhibition of their products, the company aims to educate and help the general public understand the huge significance of the IoT to their daily lives.

The Wuxi Sensing China Windows Exhibition Hall is a vital link between this growing industry and the public. The hall’s purpose is to illustrate the impacts the IoT might have on all aspects of city living. 

Pico was asked to help the company deliver a futuristic, highly advanced display pavilion within the hall in the shortest possible time. Pulling out all the stops to complete the enormous 7,420 sq. m. display, including building while the design process was still ongoing; Pico produced an astonishing, ultramodern display in record time.  

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Sensing China Project