Megaman at Lighting Fair

Sometimes, even the most talented professional designers are given a challenge that is difficult to overcome. Making a client’s products shine brighter than the competition at the Hong Kong Lighting Fair was one of those challenges. 

The client, Megaman, are a global lighting company and their tagline ‘Life in Light’ was the main design theme for the booth. To present a strong corporate identity and unified brand image to visitors, this theme needed to be clearly and definitively introduced early in the experience.

The stunning outer wall of the booth was made of grain paper and used scaled circle effects and spotlighting to instantly make visitors feel warm and welcome. Once inside, visitors were immediately transported to highly-differentiated ‘application areas’ - the Retail Shop and the Café - where they could experience a wide variety of Megaman’s products at work in realistic environments.

To enhance each product group and ensure the products in each application area were performing correctly, the design team spent time at the client’s showrooms to understand the exact specifications of each product and the best ways to differentiate them at the show.

To maximize both space and utility, a double deck structure was used and a cozy yet practical meeting room built on the upper deck.

Pico succeeded in making this formidable challenge work for the designers and the client, resulting in a positive and productive show for Megaman.


Megaman at Lighting Fair
展览  |  灯光