The MAERSK OIL High Performance Exhibiting System

Maersk Oil is an international oil and gas company. To reinforce the company’s brand and its brand values within the global oil industry, Maersk Oil turned to Pico to help them develop a striking yet consistent new ‘look’ to be used across all their international exhibiting. Pico created the unique High Performance Exhibiting System (HPES) specifically for Maersk Oil. The HPES is a fully-reusable and sustainable exhibition stand system that promotes a consistent image while containing costs.

The design approach taken by Pico for the Maersk Oil exhibition stands began with using aluminium extruded framing to form the general skeleton of every exhibit. This frame is then encased in a series of uniquely-developed fire retardant self-coloured cladding components to encase the skeleton; which are vacuum formed and moulded from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).

These ABS panels need no further finishing, as the mouldings are self-coloured and self-textured. As an added bonus, they are easily cleaned with water, tough, impact resistant and they do not tear, crack or chip. They fit Maersk Oil’s environmental message by being highly reusable. At the end of their extremely long lives, these materials can be ground down and reconstituted back into ABS sheet material, which virtually avoids all waste.

The HPES kit of components provides a re-configurable double level structure, complete with meeting rooms, over-structure, partitions and ceilings. The structure provides an almost limitless series of feature areas to be used for customer, visitor or stakeholder engagement; along with display, presentation and hospitality areas.

Upon completion of an exhibition, all parts of the stand are packed into a sea freight container or airfreight packing cases which are then transported to the next exhibition site using Maersk’s extensive cross-transport services.

Pico’s unique HPES system has created a solid and consistent brand image for Maersk Oil which can be utilized at all their exhibitions and events, while at the same time reducing costs and sustainably servicing the company’s exhibition needs long into the future.


The MAERSK OIL High Performance Exhibiting System
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