The 33rd Pico Group International Conference was held in Hangzhou, China. The aim of the Pico Global Care in Action event held during the conference was to provide love and care to less fortunate students from Guangyu Hope Primary School located in a suburb of Hangzhou. The school is one of many primary schools supported by the Project Hope programme, a philanthropic programme launched by the China Youth Development Foundation in 1989.

To support children's education and help students from financially-challenged families, our team aimed to raise funds to improve both the school environment and the students’ lives by supporting two initiatives: the ‘Project Hope Mini-Library’, which will add over 1,000 new books to the school library; and the ‘Project Hope 1+1’ campaign, which helps alleviate students’ family economic difficulties on education, improve their learning conditions and help them complete their studies.

On the day of the school visit, the Pico Global Care in Action delegates arrived early in the morning for a day full of fun and giving. After a campus tour, the Project Hope Mini-Library project activation ceremony was held before the main event – a 4x100m relay race between mixed teams made up of students and Pico delegates. This was an exciting, joyful and unforgettable experience for everyone.

Through contributions made by the Group along with a corporate gift charity sale and individual contributions, a total of RMB70,000 (around USD10,000) was raised for the school and the students.