AI inching toward the mainstream
Lawrence Chia
Chairman, Pico Group

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications have been adopted by an increasingly wide range of industries in the past few years, and have gradually developed to the point that they can reliably offer solutions to many everyday problems.

From the legal sector to airports to the tourist industry and sports events, intelligent automation is slowly taking on a greater and more critical role and reaching further across all walks of life. For example, AI-powered robots are now dealing with such tasks as drafting legal documents, patrolling airports and even helping audiences navigate the Olympics.

The technology has an almost limitless potential for applications in every industry, including events and exhibitions. Planners should start exploring that potential now to preserve their competitive edge.

*The above is a summary of the original Chinese article.

The full insights article was first published in Headline Finance (E-newspaper versionWebpage version) on 4 Jul 2019 (in Chinese only).