Emerging stronger, fitter, faster: The rise of the Asian corporation

COVID-19 impacted global businesses profoundly and in short term, devastated many companies. However, leading companies in Asia are making use of their long-been-cultivating agility to turn these pandemic-driven impacts into opportunities to create future value.

In McKinsey’s recent report, 20 CEOs from some of Asia’s top-performing companies were interviewed to share insights on how they successfully sailed through challenges imposed by the pandemic and five business trends in Asia that will help shape the future of Asian corporations.

  1. Asia will determine the future of Asia
  2. Data and digital innovation are transforming consumer journeys
  3. Scale – with a local touch – will consolidate power
  4. Operating models will be optimised for speed, agility and trust
  5. Purpose will pay off in the short and long term

Read the full report here for more details about each business trend and learn about how these leaders perceive these trends as inflection points and catalysts for unprecedented opportunities and brighter years ahead.


Source from: Emerging stronger, fitter, faster: The rise of the Asian corporation, McKinsey & Company, December 2020