More than equivalent: Brand virtualisation

Brands across industries have been striving for a digital transformation, or even taking a step further towards ‘brand virtualisation’. This is far more than translating in-person experiences into digital; it aims to create distinct digital environments in which customers and brands can interact.

One fundamental of brand virtualisation is that brands must take extra care of audience privacy. All data collected must be used only to enhance the experience, and must be protected and respected.

Another key is building a digital-first culture, which requires brands to evaluate emerging skills, rethink their strategies on delivering frictionless, tailored online experiences that truly meet customers’ desires.

It is also important to understand where and why communities form; rather than providing audiences with experiences, a virtualised brand co-creates content and experiences with its audience, ensuring that the experience is engaging and highly effective.

Finally, brands should consolidate and integrate customer touchpoints in both analogue and digital realms seamlessly to create unique personalised brand-audience interactions.