Three trends shaping the MICE industry’s future

Among the countless forces defining the future of the MICE industry, here are three standout trends that are crucial for marketers to consider:

First, a highly personalised audience journey is a must, and unique, authentic experiences and moments are key. Interactive elements at events can help to truly involve participants. Technology is also enormously helpful; for example, marketers can use data to generate personalised recommendations for individual audience members.

Second, convenient means of travel are essential to attract attendees on-site. Smart mobility tools provide personalised transport options, but other elements are worthy of consideration, such as ‘third places’ (referring to workplaces other than the office and home), transport that supports working on the move, and micro-mobility that addresses both sustainability issues and encourages networking.

Third, attaching emotional experiences to events is the key to success. ‘Regional storytelling’ in which marketers create unique moments utilising local trends, foods and products, can be used as a means of communication and can even respond to the event’s topic.

Source: Opportunities to transform the future of events, Conference and Meetings World, August 2022