Go big or go small? Organizers weigh in on the trends
Tay Ling
Vice President, TBA Hong Kong

Fear of digital events eroding the value of in-person events has diminished, and organizers embrace the flexibility it affords in enhancing physical event formats.

Sentiments regarding in-person events are optimistic as well, with projections for its strong and steady return.

The rise of micro-events

Tay Ling, vice-president at TBA Hong Kong, Pico believes that bigger, 5,000-person plus conferences will be less frequent.

“Some of our financial sector clients have indicated that the classical conference with a large number of attendees will be a thing of the past.

However, some clients are tending to hold these meetings more frequently on a smaller scale. There will be a rise in micro-events, and the benefits are there to see. They allow for that highly personalised feel that humans crave.”

The above was extracted from an interview of Tay Ling, Vice President of TBA Hong Kong, published online by M&C Asia on 22 April 2022.