Pico+ works its magic
Chan Wee Teck
Vice President, Pico+

Through integrated engagement methodologies, Pico+ is working to blend digital, mobile, social media and other technology-based modes of engagement for clients.

Mr Wee Teck Chan, VP of Pico+, said: “We have been helping brands and clients understand sentiments of consumers and attendees and what really matters to them in crafting virtual and digital engagements as a means to continue dialogue during these uncertain times - navigating the virtual landscape in effective engagement with consumers.” 

“We have been helping clients derive the best means of digital engagements, leveraging insight driven planning and an understanding of priorities of brands and clients, placing the experience at the heart of what we do before we consider platforms and solutions for delivery.” 

“We have modularised our offering based on the most common needs of clients. ROI is addressed at the start of our discussions with clients to ensure we cater for data collection through engagement.” 

“Combining engagement data and google analytics, we are able to offer clients and brands insights which helps them to be more targeted and relevant in post engagement.” 

Besides adjusting for virtual or hybrid events, other new initiatives include the Finger on the Pulse of Consumer Sentiments platform where the company shares up-to-date information on the latest consumer behaviour, trending topics and emerging industry or category trends in how the pandemic impacts the way we live, play and interact. This is shared with clients and brands Pico+ works with to inform them of strategic approaches towards how brands continue to engage with their target audience.

With clients such as Huawei, Widya Wicara, Ford, and marquee brands in the sector of financial services, the company has been focused in helping clients “deliver total brand activation”. It delivered a major hybrid event for China Mobile during the 5th Global Virtual・Reality Conference recently. A multi-zoned immersive experience was created to allow a 360-degree immersive experience that was viewed on-line, on mobile and via VR headsets. The physical event was delivered in Shanghai catering to a physical engagement of VVIPs.

Added Mr Chan: “Our focus is in helping our clients engage with target audience that matters. Along these lines, Pico Virtuosity is our digital engagement offering that has the consumer or attendee journey at the heart of what we do.”

“We are differentiated in the fact that our virtual offering is hugely customisable to ensure the experience we offer is on brand, relevant in messaging and engaging. Engagement data is also derived to help quantify and qualify virtual engagements with keen insights to advise clients towards post event follow-up.”

The above opinion was published on M&C Asia website on 30 June 2020.