Playing to the crowd

CEI Asia magazine invited Darren Lim to give a clear picture of what ‘festivalisation’ really means, and how it can boost attendee engagement to events of all kinds:

“Festivalisation doesn’t literally mean adding ‘festival’ elements to an event. The essence of it – the idea of providing a range of touchpoints and experiences to choose from, and for them to be enjoyable and appealing – can be applied to any kind of event.”

“For traditional conferences, the starting point would be to listen to the audience’s ideas and understand their expectations. And then, wherever it’s appropriate, don’t be afraid to supplant common practices and conventional formats for something more diverse and creative.”


** The content above is an extract of the full article posted on CEI Asia e-magazine (Issue 2 2019). 

The commentary of Darren Lim was first published in CEI Asia on 29 March 2019. CEI Asia has granted Pico permission to publish the article on all online and offline communications channels operated by Pico, as well as the channels of all our subsidiaries and affiliates.

Source: CEI Asia: E-magazine version (p. 24-25), 29 March 2019; Webpage version, 17 May 2019