Chief Accountant


An important position in a global company that is responsible for the top management of Japan and the world


Job Description:

You will be in charge of the overall accounting of the company by smoothly coordinating with the overseas head office. As an accounting specialist, you will be involved not only in Japan but also with top management overseas. And support the top management, give feedback to employees, and connect it to the development of the business.

  • Accounting team management
  • Labor management
  • Budget control (expenses and investment costs)
  • Coordination with other departments and management
  • Planning and revision of various regulations
  • Various subsidies and subsidy applications

Desired persona:

A person who can cooperate with overseas companies to realize the company's vision from a strategic point of view, while maintaining a delicate awareness so that there are no mistakes in detail.


Job requirements:

  • English and Japanese language skills required
  • English required: business conversation, reading comprehension, writing skills
  • Japanese proficiency: business Japanese, reading and writing, communication
  • Chinese is acceptable
  • PC skill: Familiarity with Microsoft office
  • Familiarity with accounting software. Accounting software "Yayoi" is preferable
  • Currently living in Japan