General Manager, General Affairs



This position is a key role to support the company's business promotion, providing a working environment and backup for smooth business operations, supporting top management, providing feedback to employees, and leading to business development.

  • Management of the administrative team (human resources, general affairs, legal affairs, and accounting)
  • Support for applications for various subsidies and subsidies
  • Coordination with other departments and management
  • Planning and revision of rules and regulations
  • Labor management
  • Budget management (expenses and investment costs)

The kind of person we are looking for
A person who has a bird's eye view and strategic perspective, and who wants to work with top management to further grow the company by implementing specific and bold business initiatives to achieve the company's vision.


  • English and Japanese language skills are required.
  • English required: Business conversation, reading and writing skills
  • Japanese language skills: Business Japanese, fluent in reading, writing and spoken Japanese
  • Good command of accounting, grants and subsidies, human resources, and general administration and general affairs.
  • High level of sales skills with good cost management
  • PC skills (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.)