Senior Account Manager (Beijing)



The Senior Account Manager is fundamentally responsible for the day-to-day client contact specific to event marketing activities. The key areas of focus being:

  • Professional development of creative/messaging.
  • Management of the client relationship.
  • Successful event execution.
  • Responsible event fiscal management.
  • Reporting and communication with the Account Director.

- Professional Development of Creative/Messaging:

  • Support interface of Event Managers and Message Engineers with other departmental groups regarding client relations, event objectives, marketing and branding, booth architecture, graphic production and event financial management.

- Management of the Client Relationship:

  • Build organizational capabilities to deliver event marketing priorities bottom up and top down. Senior Account Manager needs to own the relationship and cultivate business practices and relationships that exceed client’s expectations. These include
    1. creating team structures and tools that maximize our ability to achieve flexibility, adaptability and speed.
    2. Grow skills and marketing acumen through an investment in training and internal educational tracks.
    3. Continue aggressive development of strategic vendors/suppliers to increase our bandwidth within the region.
  • Deliver customer value at all levels of our company. These include
    1. Enhance event process compliance and understanding.
    2. Utilize the client’s specification/guidelines for branded architecture and messaging to achieve common look and feel for branded architecture /messaging in both large and small-scale solutions.
    3. Deliver consistent/flawless execution results from all resource groups.
    4. Provide strategic value by reviewing event marketing plans for each client with PICO TBA worldwide to enhance client’s portfolio investment objectives to achieve targeted results.
  • Grow relationships with all local clients within the region. Develop a program to elevate PICO TBA’s communication effectiveness within client’s groups.

- Successful Event Execution:

  • Lead the development and implementation of event marketing “Best Practices” based on professional knowledge and experiences. Chair committee/focus groups and draft business plans.
  • Participate in team meetings, pre-cons, post-cons, launches and other project planning sessions. Review data and information from event process and reports for accuracy and to evaluate workflow.

- Responsible Event Fiscal Management:

  • Promote responsible event financial management of all PICO TBA and client’s resources.
  • Manage creative/messaging budgets, seeking efficiencies in spending and procedures.

- Reporting and Communication with the General Manager:

  • Report weekly on all functions in the region. (i.e. issues and concerns, key initiatives, to-do list, best practices.)
  • Report regularly on all team staff reviews.
  • Build account business plan and report on progress on all goal sets.
  • Chair occasional initiative and report progress to other Senior Account Managers.
  • Report progress of cross-region assistance programs.

Required Skills

  • Proficient in English;
  • 5+ years of event marketing or creative agency management experience;
  • Competent in use of Lotus Notes, 123, Word Pro, Microsoft Office;
  • Sufficiently meets deadlines set forth in project timelines;
  • Ability to manage creative staff;
  • Contributes to the positive “Can-do” attitude of the office;
  • Ability to balance workload and appropriate staff resources as needed.