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A strong brand image is crucial to the success of a business. Symbolizing the positive qualities of your company, the brand image conjures up positive impressions of your company and conveys corporate values which your customers will want to associate with. Pico is a total brand activation specialist, with years of experience in bringing brands to life, from strategy to execution.

At Pico, we understand how important it is for a company to project a unique brand character. With almost half a century of experience in the business, we have the expertise and the capacity to craft the most powerful brand image for you.

Pico is a globally-renowned Total Brand Activation company providing the top-notch services you would expect from a branding agency in DC and LA. Our brand activation professionals are here to help you create and build your brand identity to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your target audiences by creating real, emotional impacts.

One of The Few Branding Agencies with a Strong Global Presence

Pico is a leading branding agency in LA and DC with a strong worldwide network covering 40 major cities around the globe. We strategically combine the resources of our global platform with the unique access and expertise of our local offices to provide exceptional branding expertise to our clients. In addition to a global platform, we also pride ourselves on being the only branding agency in Los Angeles and DC with a global team of branding experts. Our dedicated branding professionals also specialize in creating unique visual identity solutions, adding to the success of your business.

Create a Recognizable Brand Image With the Help of a Reputable Branding Expert

Pico has the experience, expertise and the human resource capabilities to create an image which will be consistent with your company values, one that will transcend the ordinary and remain at the forefront of your customers’ minds. Speak to our knowledgeable team today and learn how they can help you bring your brand to life.