Corporate branding requires broader scope of vision. Branding consultancy and brand consultation agency enable your company to showcase the unique identity of your business by various corporate branding strategies.

Corporate branding encompasses your whole corporate identity but many corporates always find it difficult to build up corporate branding, for example:

Challenges of building the branding

  • Narrow vision on the brand building
  • Low synergy on brand building activities
  • Lack of professional brand consultation partners

To solve the challenges, find a trustworthy Brand consulting agency, Why Pico?

Pico leverages its competitive advantages - over 40 years experience on exhibitions and events,
retail marketing, themed environments, visual identity, sports marketing and overlays, and venue management and
brand consultation, delivering all-round strategic brand consultation planning to our clients.

We understand many companies always face difficulties on creating effective marketing activities to 
boost the sales performance and generate more leads. A good Brand consultation agency can help clients to create
extraordinary and strategic brand consultation and give innovative insights to our clients around the world.

Apart from the brand consultation, explore our expertise on:

Event, Exhibition, World Expo, Conference Management, Digital Marketing, Interior Design & Retail, Sports Marketing

Please contact us if you have any enquiries on our services.