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With the embracement of the “new normal” and advancement of technologies, the value of a brand profoundly lies on the success and degree of engagement its technology brings to its audience. Therefore, elevating your digital capabilities and apply them in your business becomes more vital than ever to enhance audience engagement and thus drive business performance and improvement.

Pico is a global digital transformation and digital marketing agency that could help you navigate in this digital era. We address the trend of digital marketing solution, social marketing strategy and the advance technology application. We also implement sound and bespoke digital solutions to help you deliver solid and engaging customer experience that constantly coneys your brand ethos and meets your business goals.

We are your trustworthy ally in your digital marketing journey who aim to help you increase awareness, grow registration, and generate revenue with the following expertise.

Digital Marketing

At the time when digital and virtual events dominate and become the ‘new normal’, your digital platform and digital competencies play an important role. Pico leverage well-developed digital event solutions including AI/ XR/ VR/ AR solutions, livestreaming, virtual stage/booth design and development, virtual video production etc. to help you create a seamless and engaging customer experience to win your audience. Click here to explore all our hybrid/ digital/ virtual events activated with the power of Pico Virtuosity.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media often serves as the first touchpoint for your target audience, so it has to be more than just a brand presence and awareness drive. Pico customises social media strategies and offer social media activation services to help you spark conversation and networking, increase registration and maximise your brand’s reach by planning campaigns, creating interactive content, and tracking performance.

Mobile Marketing

Integrating the mobile application, mobile advertising or other mobile strategies into branded event is the hottest trend. Pico creates easy-to-use interfaces and activate your mobile advertising to improve overall event experience and engagement to meet your event goals.

Development and advertising of website

Pico specialises in integrating technologies into website design to create customer-centric, user-friendly and fully engaging interfaces to perfect audience’s website browsing experience which could converse into potential business opportunities. Experienced strategies in SEO, SEM, Google search, programmatic ads, media buy, etc. also help enhance your business goals and improvement.

Accompanying with our solid expertise and experiences is our global presence. Our network spans 36 cities across the world with agencies and businesses across Brand Engagement, Digital Enablement, and Experience Design. These cities include: Bangkok, Beijing, Cairo, Chenzhou, Colombo, Dongguan, Dubai, Gold Coast, Guangzhou, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, London, Los Angeles, Macau, Manama, Manila, Melbourne, New York, Perth, Riyadh, Seoul, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Xian, Yangon, etc.

Wherever you are and whatever your digital marketing strategy is, Pico can help you with industry-leading digital solutions to keep your business grows better, faster and further. Our strength and expertise also cover Event, Exhibition, World Expo, Conference Management, Digital Marketing, Interior Design & Retail, Sports Marketing. Check out all our case studies here.

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