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A Golden Way of Life - Tres’ors
This exhibition explores how the perfection and richness of gold has inspired and fascinated French artists and craftsmen throughout the ages. The exhibition embarks upon a unique journey from gold in art to the application of gold in daily life.

Leather Carving Exhibition
It features over 20 items of leather artwork displaying the exquisite craftsmanship of leather production, while the Exhibition of Chan Iu Pui (8/4-8/7) features an appreciation of the beauty of our city via eight of his watercolour works.

Black and White Leong Wan Si Art (19/4-28/6)
It expresses human nature and what choices we make at different stages of our lives.

A Bonsai of My Dream - On the Path to the International Art Exhibition - La Biennale Di Venezia (28/4-12/11)
It shows us the history of La Biennale Di Venezia through the composition and contents of the exhibition, and also the situation of previous local artists participating in this international art exhibition.

The Art of Zhang Daqian (23/5-6/8)
It is an exhibition of the Sichuan Museum’s collection of the artist’s masterpieces, including his replicas of the murals when he was in Dunhuang and his landscape paintings, portraits, line drawings, letters and used seals before and after visiting Dunhuang.

More than Just Text - Exhibition of Book Layout & Design Works by Joaquim Cheong and his Students
It showcases 56 works flexibly applying the design theories and concepts taught in the courses, using the dots, lines, planes, text and shapes in graphic design and adopting the techniques of size, weight, rhythm, contrast, balance and gradation to demonstrate the visual effects of layout and poster design, thereby fully displaying the creative thinking of the students.

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