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In today’s exhibition market, visually exciting and immersive experiences which ignite the audience’s emotions are vital. The saturated nature of the Hong Kong and Macau market means that offering excitement and emotion might mean the difference between securing a new customer and having them turn a competitor instead. Pico are industry leaders in brand activation. We know exactly what experiences a target audience seeks and how to covert those experiences into sales. Our exhibition booth design services in Hong Kong and Macau are second to none in terms of innovation, functionality, and inspired design.

World Madam International Cultural Week 2021

World Madam International Cultural Week 2021in Macau

We pride ourselves in creating stylish, cutting-edge exhibition booths that incorporate functional design and progressive technology while delivering a unique brand identity. Our booth designs strike the perfect balance between informative content, eye-catching infographics and electrifying experiential content. Our designs have attracted considerable attention in the Hong Kong, Macau, and international markets, leading to exhibition collaborations with some of the world’s most prominent brands.

Art Central Hong Kong 2022

Art Central Hong Kong 2022 in Hong Kong

A Unique Design Process

Pico’s design teams work hard. We do not take our achievements for granted, nor do we turn to popular options simply because they are convenient and easy. In every project we undertake, we develop creative solutions that are wholly unique to the brand we are activating. Custom design solutions are the key to our success. We discard what is predictable and standard, choosing instead to seek out original concepts and exhibition booth design methods that truly engage with audiences in Hong Kong, Macau and across Asia. Our exhibition design successes range from refined, small-scale brand design projects for promotional or retail spaces through to large-scale, visually striking booths for major events to stunning decorations for festivals.

Mercedes-Benz BAM Festival 2019

Mercedes-Benz BAM Festival 2019 in Hong Kong

Our booth designs in Hong Kong and Macau are for brands that want to be seen as bold industry leaders. For more information on our capabilities, contact us today.