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Create a new definition of interior design

Increasingly connected and culturally diverse is our definition for interior design today. The idea is that every client has a story and that a work environment is a great vehicle for telling it. When we start our initial design on a project, we get all the basics in consideration—the headcounts, the distances, the adjacencies and so on—but we also want to know how this company got rolling, who the people are, what they like to do. We believe our dynamic talent, collaborative spirit and history of achievement will create tomorrow’s landmarks. Through iconic and progressive design, we aim to inspire and engage our clients, people and world culture.

We offer commercial and retail interiors, branding, environmental graphics, tenant improvements, design consulting. We’re excited about what’s happening in the design world—and thrilled to be a part of setting the agenda.

Bring our client’s vision to life

Our approach is to built collaborative relationships with clients, fellow consultants and interior contractors that are vital to the success of our projects. We work together to establish project goals, needs, and potential obstacles, resulting in cost-effective solutions that meet the client’s current needs, as well as future changes. We assist the project team throughout every step of the design process from programming through construction, delivering a project on time and in budget. Our designers pay close attention to the comfort, performance, and practicality of the products specified. We strive to understand the needs of the end user, creating spaces that are stimulating and comfortable for employees, patients, and other clientele. We are committed to bringing our client’s vision to life in a way that supports their goals and objectives, and benefits all who occupy the space.

In addition to our tremendous abilities as an interior design agency in Macau, our capabilities extend to a number of other services including brand communications, exhibitions and conference management. For more information on the range of services Pico offers, please contact us today.