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How to manage an exhibition successfully? All by yourself? Find a reliable contractor?

To achieve a successful exhibition, it is needed to be planned and executed with all the necessary supporting services in place.
Pico is professional exhibition contractor with over 30 years experience in providing one-stop services including exhibition booth design,
exhibition contracting and technical support.

As a MICE contractors, Pico provide full construction services for exhibitions, custom or system stands, pavilions, stages &
conference backdrops, special events, shopping malls festival decorations, renovation for offices & homes and outdoor events.
Our services also covers on-site technical; AV & ICT; logistics & cleaning as well as food & beverage Services for all MICE activities.

Exhibition, event and convention activities become popular in Asia Pacific, Pico are ready to bring creativity, cost effectiveness and
high quality into every project we undertake. If you are finding a MICE contractor to manage your MICE activities,
we are always willing to listening you thought.

If you have any kind of inquiries, please contact us for a detailed proposal.


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