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Exhibition, Expo & Event Furniture Rental

Purchasing furniture or facilities for special events or exhibitions is an expensive investment especially for those companies who create or participate in events or exhibitions frequently. Even though those materials could be re-used; you still need to pay extra rent for the storage.

It is no doubt that display design is an indispensable part in the exhibition, event or expo, no matter indoor or outdoor, for both practical and decorative. Same as any other design work, event furnishing is fastidious in choosing and placing. A high-quality furniture display design can effectively strengthen the spatial concept, not only promote the exhibits, but also represent the concept behind.

When preparing a special event, many planners may be annoyed by a simple question: Should I buy or rent those facilities? Most of the time, renting lounge furniture helps to increase the flexibility and the cost-effectiveness especially when those items may only use one to two times. Choosing special event rental services can effectively reduce the regular maintenance and the warehouse storage costs. Furthermore, it can help fulfilling your business’s corporate social responsibility by reducing the waste of resources for the environment.

Pico offer a wide range of unique lounge furniture for rental and provide a comprehensive event furnishing and event furniture rental solution, from installation to demolition. We provide the necessary facilities for exhibition booth and special event venue. Exhibitor can also order a tailor-plan to cater the overall style of the exhibition booth.

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