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Pico, your end-to-end Virtual and Hybrid Event Agency

It is undeniable that events are effective marketing channels for brands to connect with audience, drive leads, and generate sales growth. At times when brands are unable to make the best out of in-person events due to various safety and social distancing measures, hybrid and virtual events are our presence and future because the show must go on.

No matter the events are carrying out in physical venue or virtual platform, connecting is key. Pico is your trustworthy hybrid and virtual event company in the US to help you make your hybrid and virtual events as engaging as in-person ones. We unite people with authentic, interactive experiences that just so happen to take place virtually.

OMEN Challenge – The Video Game Game Show and The 111th NAACP National Convention (virtual convention) are two examples showcasing Pico’s digital and virtual capabilities in customising virtual events with strong plan, creative design, robust technology, overwhelming engagement and interactivity that resonates genuine human connection among audience.

Pico also truly believes that successful hybrid and virtual events go beyond a mere streaming of in-person events. We also provide detailed information including attendance figures, engagement rate, lead generation, post-event interest of your brand to help you review and improve your ROI. Our end-to-end hybrid and virtual event services cover a full spectrum of virtual event sizes, complexity, and varieties. They include but are not limited to:

- Virtual Exhibition

- Virtual Conference

- Virtual Tradeshow

- Virtual Press Conference

- Virtual Product Launch

- Virtual Showroom

- Virtual Ceremony

- Webinar Production 

- Livestreaming Service

- Live Broadcasting

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With the evolving virtual event landscape, it’s intimidating to select one single hybrid / virtual event planning as there’s no on-size-fits-all solution that applies to all brands and events. Pico, with over 50 years of experience as a global brand activation agency and experiential marketing agency, is here to merge our sound experiential and communication experience together with proven digital talents to help you weather the storm. Contact us now if you are planning your next virtual event, and allow us to make sure you won’t miss any connection and business opportunity in the both physical and virtual realms.