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Virtual Event & Hybrid Event Management

Pico Malaysia excels in delivering exceptional virtual and hybrid event management solutions that seamlessly blend technology with engaging experiences. Whether you're planning a fully virtual event or a hybrid event in Malaysia that combines in-person and remote elements, our expert team can bring your vision to life. With our comprehensive range of services, we are your trusted partner in Malaysia to create unforgettable virtual and hybrid events that engage, inspire audiences.

Why should you choose Pico Malaysia?

We cover the full spectrum of virtual and hybrid event services that redefine the boundaries of engagement, including:

  • Virtual Exhibitions Management
  • Virtual Conference Management
  • Virtual Tradeshow Management
  • Virtual Press Conference
  • Virtual Product Launch Event
  • Virtual/Digital Showroom
  • Virtual Ceremony
  • Webinar
  • Livestreaming/ Live Broadcasting

Virtual Event Management

Virtual events have gained significant traction and are expected to continue as a prominent trend in Malaysia. We noticed that with technological advancements, the virtual event organised in Malaysia usually incorporated virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) elements, offering immersive and engaging experiences. As technology continues to evolve, virtual events will become even more sophisticated, providing a seamless blend of digital and physical interactions.

Pico Malaysia is a leading event activation agency specializing in the seamless organization and execution of virtual or hybrid events. With a deep understanding of the evolving digital landscape, we leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to create captivating and immersive experiences for clients and attendees worldwide!

Virtuosity by Pico:


The Virtual Sharp Dealers' Convention 2020 is one of the virtual events we created in Malaysia with great success. Our team went on to provide full technical support to the event and brainstorm and design all the key visuals and collateral. For example, it included engaging with suppliers to develop an event website with a wide range of customizable functions required by the client, as well as executing a live broadcast. Moreover, all the featured video content was developed and scheduled by Pico, using virtual backgrounds to complement the emcee's and VIPs' live presentations. Our team also exploited the format to include a range of attention-getting effects, and surprise gifts were woven into the proceedings to maintain momentum and a high level of audience interest.

Virtual Sharp Dealers’ Convention 2020

Virtual Sharp Dealers’ Convention 2020

Virtual Product Launch

There are different kinds of virtual events, the virtual product launch event is one of the popular event activation formats in Malaysia recently. Companies can leverage the power of digital event marketing to generate buzz and create anticipation leading up to the virtual product launch. It also provides the flexibility to engage with a global audience, allowing people from different locations to participate simultaneously. We understand the unique needs of modern businesses in Malaysia seeking to engage their target market in a dynamic and immersive way. With our unwavering commitment to innovation and expertise in virtual event management, we bring your product to life in the digital realm with unparalleled precision and impact.

For example, tech giant HP held a virtual launch on HP Malaysia's Facebook page called "HP Malaysia's HP Spectre x360 14 Virtual Launch" to introduce its new laptop to the Malaysian media and public. Pico Malaysia was responsible for comprehensive project management. A common concern for virtual product launches is demonstrating product features while keeping the audience's attention. In order to organize an engaging virtual event, we suggested showing how to create brushstrokes onscreen using the HP stylus. A speaker grasped the laptop's rechargeable 'HP Tilt' stylus, setting it off to perform a 'calligraphy dance'. This activation won a Silver in 'Best Idea – Events' at Marketing Magazine's MARKies Awards 2021 in Hong Kong. Experience the power of a successful virtual product launch, contact us today! 

Marketing Magazine’s MARKies Awards 2021 in Hong Kong 

Virtual Expo

A virtual expo, also known as a virtual trade show or virtual exhibition, is an online event that replicates the experience of a traditional in-person expo or trade show in a digital format. It offers several benefits compared to conventional physical expos, including cost-effectiveness, global reach, and flexibility in scheduling. It often includes interactive 3D environments, virtual reality (VR) experiences, and gamification elements to enhance engagement and interactivity. Nowadays, people have started to pay attention to exhibition interactivity, which has made the virtual expo popular.

Pico Malaysia has organized many virtual expo before. Virtual Expo and Offshore Technology Conference Asia 2020 is one of the many virtual expos we have created in Malaysia with great success. We were responsible for the entire event management; we are passionate about delivering the most effective possible service and providing the proper product at the proper value. Visitors could enter the 'venue' with a virtual tour starting with a stunning 360-degree panoramic event lobby. We proposed to make a simple click to transport them to the virtual exhibition halls with different virtual. Besides, to satisfy the industry's need and further optimize user experience, Pico also helped integrate the loan calculator into the microsite, such as interactive webinars, live chats, a lucky draw, and a virtual game.

Offshore Technology Conference Asia 2020

Offshore Technology Conference Asia 2020

Hybrid Event 

Being online and live around the clock allowed the event to reach a great audience, triggering hybrid event becomes increasingly popular. As a "full service" event activation agency, we are also experienced in organizing hybrid events.

Singapore Week of Innovation and TeCHnology (SWITCH) is a global hybrid event in that Pico is involved. The team re-created the spatial quality of an actual visit to Singapore, augmented and enhanced with digital features. Pico was responsible for the concept design, site architecture, user experience, and a clear structure consisting of an overall map design of three iconic areas. Some interactive features such as agenda customization and text chat functions for participants, were incorporated in the virtual platform to ensure a high level of interactivity and personalized user experience. Eventually, this hybrid event contributed an impressive result. If you are going to organize the hybrid event, Pico Malaysia is your help!

Our expertise in hybrid and virtual event guarantee that you would be offered the most effective solutions that suit you. Unlock the potential of different kinds of virtual event solution. Contact us to explore now!

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