Pico Global Care in Action – Bringing Warmth to the Needy in Chenzhou, China


They brought along festive candies to help the children share in the joy of the New Year celebrations and spent quality time with them, bringing warmth and companionship on a cold winter’s day. Staff at the CZCEC also volunteered to organise an internal charity sale to raise funds for the children. The proceeds from this sale, topped up by corporate donations, were used to purchase a new air conditioner for the Welfare Center.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CZCEC, Liu Xiangwei, attended the donation ceremony at the Children’s Welfare Center.

This regional corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative was conducted as part of Pico Global Care in Action, Pico’s global CSR commitment. Pico is a service provider for the CZCEC, delivering a wide range of facility management and operations management services.

About Pico Global Care in Action

One thing binds the Pico Group together above all else: our people.

Giving back is the essence of Pico Global Care in Action, the new theme of our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment, which in turn is part of our Vision 2020 mission. This commitment lays out a blueprint which allows us to help people build better lives. Underpinning this is a firm belief in treating our staff, our stakeholders, the wider community and the environment with care and respect. This care and respect lies at the heart of every business decision we make, every project we embark upon and every branding campaign we create.

Creating a blueprint for our regional offices worldwide, in 2014 Pico began orchestrating a global initiative in tandem with our annual conference, which is held every year in a country or city in which Pico operates.