The 34th Pico Group International Conference was held in December in Chengdu, China. A tradition of this annual conference is for delegates to show their love and care for the host community in different ways.

Starting in 2014, Pico delegates have focused on supporting the educational needs of children in need through Pico Global Care in Action, our corporate social responsibility initiative, during the annual conference held every year in different cities as we believe that children are the future pillars of society and should be given every possible chance to succeed.

This year, we continued this tradition by caring for students at the P&G Hope School in Qingbaijiang, Chengdu, China, which is supported by Project Hope, a philanthropic programme launched by the China Youth Development Foundation in 1989.

Our 2017 objective was to raise funds, through the ‘Project Hope 1+1’ campaign, to sponsor students from financially challenged families, supporting transportation, meals and miscellaneous expenses of RMB1,000 per student for a year; and sponsoring the school itself, raising funds to improve the learning environment by providing new extracurricular reading and teaching materials.

Pico Global Care in Action ambassadors arrived at the school early in the morning on 14 December for a fun sports day with students. Relay race and Tug of War competitions between mixed teams made up of students and Pico delegates created an exciting, joyful and unforgettable experience for everyone.

A special visit to the 2008 Earthquake Memorial Site was held in tandem with the school visit which encouraged Pico delegates to forge close links with the host community.

Accompanied by professional local guides, Pico delegates learnt about the destructive power of the most recent devastating earthquake in Chengdu occurred in 2008 and better understood its continuing impacts on the city after visiting the ruins of Xuankou Middle School and the Memorial Hall of Wenchuan Earthquake Epicenter.

Through contributions made by the Group, Pico offices and individual contributors along with a charity sale, we exceeded this objective – a total of RMB 88,000 (over USD 10,000), was raised for the school and its students.

Thanks for the support from all Pico delegates, Pico offices and individual contributors for making this year’s mission another success!