2020 JD mobile phone promotional campus concert

For JD, the growing millennial and Gen Z domination of the consumer market means a younger generation is a key market segment for their mobile phones. With this concert at Chongqing University in September, JD used the universal language of music to get its message across to an audience of up-and-coming thinkers.

As well as music, the event included a range of activities to help the audience engage with JD mobile phones and connect with the brand in general. Pico was entrusted to provide event management, design, execution and promotion services.



Scheduled for the first month of a new academic year, the team promoted the event through multiple channels. Those selected included platforms especially popular among the target audience, such as student social media groups, campus bulletin boards, and meeting places like dormitories and canteens.

The event programme itself was finely honed to attract students, with a concert featuring popular bands, fan interaction and photo sessions, and lucky draws. Balancing the sheer excitement and interactivity of the event with safety, Pico took careful measures to ensure social distancing was maintained between participants.


600 people attended the event.


“A key to the concert’s success lays in understanding the latest requirements and smooth logistical arrangements for offline events. Pico’s expertise helped JD gain new customers in the student community, and brought our brand closer to and its target audience through in-person experience. The emotional connections that this event built are invaluable” – Mr. Yang Ling, the representative of marketing, interactive communications and event departments, JDR