A1 Connect Platform in 2019 Convention and Exhibition Industry Expo

The 2019 Convention and Exhibition Industry Expo (CEIE) was held in Tianjin, China with the theme ‘Convergence, Wisdom and the New Future’. The conference reviewed the current landscape of the convention and exhibition industry in China as well as exploring its future. CEIE needed a way to enhance communication between organisers, exhibitors and visitors to the expo, as well as personalise and customise the event experience for participants.



Pico developed its A1 Connect Platform which uses data and technology to efficiently improve communication and connection among the three parties. By integrating digital tools with personalisation and customisation functionality, the platform improves the audience experience, while organisers and exhibitors learn more about the participants for post-event targeted marketing.

The A1 Connect Platform was put to good use at CEIE. Participants received a unique invitation code right after they completed the online registration. The code was then used to collect their own smart badges on-site, which they used in conjunction with the A1 Connect app to search for exhibitors and speakers of their choice, view other participants' information and add them as friends, customise their schedules, exchange e-business cards with other guests and receive product information from various exhibitors.

After the event, the organisers could obtain participant data reports, including website registration, on-site registration, e-business card exchange rates, real-time and cumulative visitor numbers, keywords searched in the app and more.


The expo welcomed 721 participants and recorded 617 app downloads and usage of smart badges by 95% of the audience

2,094 audience interactions, including 1,873 business cards exchanges, 221 deliveries of exhibitor materials
Won the ‘Smart Service Enterprise of the China Convention and Exhibition Industry’ award at CEIE, gaining recognition from industry leaders

Client’s testimonial

‘The smart badge registration system technologies were a highlight at CEIE, offering a convenient solution that greatly enhanced the on-site experience. We look forward to more opportunities to cooperate with your team in the coming year.’ - Jiao Yan, General Manager of Convention and Exhibition Operation Centre, China Conference and Exhibition Magazine [CEIE host organization]

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