Abbott RCPA Pathology Update

For more than 125 years Abbott have been committed to improving life through the power of health, science and technology. Today their business is about making global healthcare solutions that are tailored, local and meaningful.

Our challenge was to present this rich and relevant history to attendees of The Royal College of Pathologists Australasia’s Pathology Update 2018: A Bridge to the Future. Abbott have always been great at connecting with industry. What they needed was to improve the capture of attendee details to grow their contact database and begin longer-terms relationships and generate product and innovation interest via marketing campaign emails.



The Abbott event space needed to reflect what industry know of Abbott – that is, providing world-class diagnostic tools. Delivering targeted and relevant information in the expo space, while enabling Abbott (an event Major Partner) to gather vital data about delegates to better understand their market and communicate further with them about what matters most to them, was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Our prescription? A microsite optimised for a touchscreen within the stand – a simple and efficient way to reach guests at the event and beyond.


The information kiosk was branded and wrapped to encourage users to interact with stand information, staff, and, most importantly, the tablet touchscreen microsite. Strengthening Abbott’s digital, data-gathering abilities was our key focus for the event. And the bespoke microsite presented on the interactive tablets was a new and strategic move for Abbott.

The microsite served to fill multiple data gaps that Abbott had been experiencing in understanding their audience, but also in analysing the success of their presences at expos. The microsite design made data capture effortless. Delegates were encouraged to provide their contact details and opt-in to receive informational PDFs via email (significantly outperforming physical flyers in terms of permanence and ROI). Analytics was enabled on the microsite, meaning user clicks could be managed to better understand interaction and engagement levels for future improvements.

Critically, the site was built using an open-source CMS to enable Abbott to easily manage updates, for example adding new product information, to the site for further future use. The asset is planned to be leveraged across the business at multiple event engagements, making it a very cost effective investment.

User interaction across the three days of the event was tracked and immediately revealed fascinating information about this highly engaged and brand aware audience. Each user clicked through, on average, 4.5 links at the kiosk. This showed users interacting with the microsite content and long dwell time. This data capture and audience insights were a first for an Abbott exhibition stand. As a whole, the fully-functional information kiosk, recording interactions and providing new-found event-related data to the business was a company first for Australia.

  • Fully-functional, digitally integrated information kiosk
  • High user engagement demonstrated via attendee data captured & retargeting opportunities created
  • Simple, open-source microsite created for easy editing and future use